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It’s a hard thing to describe to somebody who does not have it—that special bond between pet owner and pet which is truly an unconditional love. This pet has been a big part of your family, and so marking the end of their life can be traumatic. There is a grieving process when you lose a pet, and we at Pet Memorial Services can help you to figure out a solution that helps you with yours.

There is no right or wrong way to grieve your pet, nor is there a “one size fits all solution” to finding that closure that you need. This was your pet and you shared a bond, and when it comes to honoring them in death you need to find what works best for you. We are well versed in working with animal lovers just like you and to finding a solution and service that best fits your needs.

We recognize that you may have questions and that you may not even be aware of all of the services we offer. We can create something truly unique or even more traditional to honor your pet that you loved and cherished. We will not only create the right solution for you, but we will also work with you to take some of the pain out of the process.

Attended Services

You may find that as a pet owner you feel it’s best to be present for this final step with your beloved pet. If you need a little extra time to say goodbye or if you need this extra step in the grieving process, then we encourage attended services. Attended Services can help with closure for you and your family, including your other grieving pets. Our comfortable parlor in West Chester, PA makes this a wonderful way to pay tribute to your friend.

The services and what you wish to be involved in is entirely up to you, and that’s why we work with you to create attended services that work to meet your needs and desires.

Our compassionate staff of fellow animal lovers will not only help you to create the arrangements that work best for you, but they will also be there to offer their support as well. We will help you through this difficult time!

Individual Cremation Services

Cremation is a very meaningful final step in honoring our pets. You will always have a way of keeping your pet with you. Though this may be a difficult step to come to terms with at first, our expert care will make it so much easier.

You can feel confident that the Individual Cremation Services go along just as you intend them to, and know that you will find closure through this step of the process. Pet cremains are packaged in a silk pouch with the option of a standard urn and a custom engraved brass nameplate. Standard urns are provided free of charge with the individual cremation service and serves as your lasting memory of your beloved pet that you can keep with you always.


Individual Cremation Services can also be individualized or unique. We offer a variety of special urns and memorial products for your pet. You can see some of these choices by clicking on this link.

Communal Cremation Services

A Communal Cremation Service is where a group of pets are cremated together, leaving their cremains inseparable. With this type of cremation service pet families are unable to receive their beloved's cremains as a keepsake, instead the communal cremains are buried at a deed-restricted pet cemetery.

Regardless of the type of cremation service chosen for your loved one there are many additional loving ways to memorialize your pet.You can select our Clay Paw Prints, to create a lasting memory for your pet. Or check out our exclusive Photo-Etched Memorials. When pet owners want a more permanent remembrance of their departed companion, we can take your favorite photo of your pet and etch it in granite for a beautiful, lasting effect.

Just as there is no right or wrong way to grieve, the type of services that you need are individual to you. We will help you to find what is right for you and helps to honor your beloved pet in the perfect way. We at Pet Memorial Services have gone through the loss of a pet and know that sometimes the right service can make all the difference in the world.