Clay Paw Prints

Recently, more and more pet owners have been turning to a new, very unique way of memorializing their pet after loss. Clay paw prints and/or fur clippings are very special ways to keep the memory of your pet alive. Paw prints, much like hand prints, are one of a kind, and the clay impression reveals the unique markings and lines of your pet's paw. It can be very comforting to have these items to turn to during your grieving process and even long after.

Pet Memorial Services understands the grieving process and how difficult it is to get through. We believe these items can aid with that process and we encourage pet owners to use these aids. Please see our pictures of some samples below of Clay Paw Print Impressions and different ways to customize them.

Clay Paw Prints can be ordered directly through our veterinary affiliates or by calling us at 888-738-6365.